Evidential Medium Podcast-April 2018

April 5, 2018

This month's topics are:

Owl as a power animal


Saint Gertrude the Great


What are ghosts and how do I cross them over



Evidential Medium Podcast-February 2018

March 6, 2018

This is the February 2018 Podcast-released in March 2018

Animal of the month: Whale

Stone for the month: Hypersthene


The Saint -Martin of Peru

How Mediums communicate with those on the other side

The Elemental World








Crystals For Empowerment-#2

February 1, 2018

This month we discuss the Sacral Chakra

Scientifically-do crystals heal ?

All about Selenite

Crystals for your bedroom



Evidential Medium Podcast-January 2018

January 13, 2018

Welcome 2018

Animal of the month: Otter

Stone of the month: Sunstone


What is our "Higher Self"

Archangel Jeremiel

Magical Ink



Crystal Empowerment Podcast #1

December 17, 2017

December 2017


Stones for the Root Chakra

Stones to help you conceive & a ritual

Blue Lace Agate for anxiety and stress

Gift Ideas for Crystal Lovers


Evidential Medium Podcast #43

December 5, 2017

Welcome to the December 2017 Podcast-This month I discuss "What is a Merkaba?", A refresher on Mercury Retrograde, What your loved ones want you to know during the holiday season.  The crystal this month is moonstone and the animal is Eagle.


Evidential Medium Podcast #42

November 6, 2017

This is the November 2017 Podcast


This month I discuss the moon phases and how to work with them

Angels, Spirit Guides, and our spiritual team

Animal Totem: Turtle

Crystal: Moldavite


Evidential Medium Podcast #41

October 5, 2017

October 2017 Monthly Podcast

This month I discuss Soul Retrieval 

The Ascended Master this month is Mary Magdelene

Crystal: Tiger Eye

Animal: Black Jaguar



Evidential Medium Podcast #40

September 2, 2017

September 2017


Crystal of the month:  Petoskey Stone

Animal of the month: Bear

Talking in tongues




Evidential Medium Podcast #39

August 6, 2017

Note: I say it is podcast #38, but it is #39.  August 2017 Podcast.


Petrified Wood-Stone for the month

Goose-Animal Totem of the month

Update on my life/Card for the month

How to program your crystals

Mercury Retrograde-what does that mean to us

Sound Healing